The Scotland Trinitarian church is the oldest church in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It was established in 1821 and incorporated in 1921.

We welcome all to call on us for baptisms, weddings, memorial services and prayer.
We endeavor to reach out to those in spiritual and social needs. Please contact us to learn more about our church.

Scotland Trinitarian Congregational Church

Teach us to be caretakers and stewards of your good earth, that we may walk gently upon the meadows, and leave puddles of light wherever we tread.Bestow your gifts on all people, that our youth may have visions, our elders may dream dreams, and our sons and daughters may prophesy.
The Scotland Trinitarian Congregational Church is a small, quaint New England Church That welcomes all who seek the Grace and Fellowship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Scotland Trinitarian Congregational Church